What is Facilitation ?

A structured group discussion with a neutral and objective trained facilitator. The coach/facilitator provides a safe environment to engage the group in self-reflection, brain-storming and action planning towards an agreed group objective. The coach/facilitator uses a selection of tools, exercises, models and/or games to focus the group discussions. Upon completion, the group will have identified options, and organized their thoughts, feelings, and ideas into an action plan.

When might Facilitation be beneficial ?

Your team is in the process of transitioning to a new business environment. The changes surrounding you and your team may not be fully understood, nor fully in your control. However, you want to be active players in order to influence the decisions made and the way forward. Your team has a valued area of expertise and needs to identify and decide where to focus limited resources. The structure facilitated discussion will move the team towards alignment on goals/objectives. Together you will reflect on past successes and strengths, brainstorm short-term and long term ideas, and create an action plan. 

Examples of team facilitation situations:

  • A new manager taking over an existing team
  • Two teams merging into one
  • An existing team takes on a new (or additional) focus
  • A major reorganization within the greater company
  • The launch of a completely new team.

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