Meet our team


Teresa Nehra


Teresa is a learning and development professional with 20 years of experience in a variety of corporate roles (IT, Communications, and Human Resources). 

For the past 10+ years, Teresa has focused her talent on helping others reach the success they desire. Teresa works with private individuals and large companies in divers sectors and countries. She specializes in coaching, facilitating, and training in the areas of personal and professional transitions, interpersonal communications, and leadership development. 

As a dual-national, American-Belgian, Teresa has been able to bridge cultural gaps. She understands the complexity of working in a multi-cultural organization. She is driven to help people adapt to be more effective. She is appreciated for her honest feedback and real-life examples that help her to communicate with impact.

Melanie Kreusch

Communications Web

& marketing

Melanie is a specialist in web communications and marketing. Melanie’s passion is to achieve success as part of a team. 

She is a top level field hockey player and works par-time as a field hockey coach. She was previously part of the youth national teams in Belgium and the USA as well as division 1 teams in the USA (4 years), UK (1 year), and in Belgium for the majority of her life. 

Melanie is a Belgian-American who has also worked in Shanghai and studied in London, giving her a wealth of international and inter-cultural experience. Melanie is appreciated for her determination, self-discipline, and passion. She enjoys leveraging the best of the talents within a team to make the whole function like a well-oiled machine. Melanie provides office support and assist with planning and preparation of team facilitation and workshops.

Adeliya Khakimova


& early childhood


Adeliya is a specialist in early childhood development and education (0-6 years old). 

She has over 5 years’ experience working with children in the expat communities of Beijing and Shanghai. She is a Montessori certified teacher who knows how to structure and invest quality time with children. She also works with parents to assist them in fostering a healthy learning environment. 

Adeliya speaks Russian, English and Chinese. Her passion is to nurture the talent within young children by exposing them to situations that will help them develop sound psycho-social skills. 

Working with Adeliya will prepare children for formal schooling.

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