What are Workshops ?

A workshop provides an interactive environment to acquire new knowledge or learn a new skill.  Workshops prompt participants to engage  with the content during group discussions and exercises.  We offer facilitated workshops in a variety of interpersonal and leadership topics such as:

  • Managing self and others
  • Influencing without authority
  • Team leadership
  • Giving and receiving credible feedback
  • Transitioning to retirement

What makes our workshops effective and memorable ?

  1. They are Customized to each client’s needs. The sponsor outlines the learning objectives and situational challenges. This provides the input to design the experience to best meet those needs. During the workshop, we seek real-time feedback from participants to fine-tune the design and delivery. 
  2. They are interactive events. Participants learn through discussion and experience with others in the group. 
  3. Interactivity is practical to meet the desired objectives. Time is foreseen to practice concepts with peers to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to the work environment. 
  4. Participants stay engaged with a blended approach of presentations, group discussions, creative activities, and moments for self-reflection. 
  5. We role model with our words and actions the concepts of the workshop. Thus, participants can see how easily the concepts can be integrated into their daily life and work. 
  6. Reputable content is based on sound theories, models, researched tools, evidence-based principles, and solid experienc

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